First Things First, AWTOK is Not Real.

AWTOK is not real, contrary to popular Catgirl and whatnot belief. It is a fake organization a group of trolls made to scare people. If a big organization like this really existed, more people would probably know about it, like Anonymous. And don't pull that "It's a secret society" bullshit. There are big, worldwide secret societies that a lot of people actually know about. That doesn't mean there's nothing to fear as a supernatural.

What you should REALLY be Scared Of

Hunters. There are people who hunt supernaturals. Granted they're not in a big organization like AWTOK, but they're real, all right. Maybe if there's a lot of white vans, it could be hunters. Or anything else. Not everything has to do with the supernatural, you know. But most likely, you will have nothing to fear unless someone physically comes after you. Paranoia never did anyone any good.